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Funny Things Kids Say #3: I can’t sleep alone.

4 Nov

Sleeping Baby

Not long ago my youngest son, who is eight years old, came into my bedroom just before his bedtime.

My son:                Mom, I want to sleep with you.

Me:                        Why can’t you sleep in your own bed?

My son:                I don’t like sleeping alone in the dark.

Me:                        You always sleep in there.

My son:                I know and that’s the problem, I have been sleeping in that room my whole life and I’m tired of it!

This was not the first time that my son has asked to sleep in my bed; as a matter of fact he comes into my room and tries to make a case for it about once every six weeks. My son is so adorable, I am almost tempted to allow him, but I resist because I know that it is in his best interest to sleep alone (actually, with his brother in bunk beds). Although there are circumstances when it is okay to allow your child to sleep with you) for nurturing purposes (when they are sick, when there is a particularly dreadful storm, etc.), for the most part, children should sleep in their own room because, not only does it build their independence and confidence, but over the years it helps them to develop a sense that they are safe in their home (there are no monsters under the bed and no werewolves in the closet, no matter what Wes Craven says).

Most of the time, a parent allowing their child to sleep with them, fills an insecurity in the parent more so than it speaks to the inability of the child. We want our children to remain babies forever, we want them to need us because it makes us feel good and we want to keep them close, but remember the job of a parent is prepare the child for a world and a life where you will not always be just a few inches away on the other pillow.

Sleep tight!

Toshila Darjean


Funny Things Kids Say #2: Dollars and Sense

17 Sep

Dollars and Sense

Recently, as I was shopping in teacher heaven, also known as a dollar store, I witnessed a thought-provoking exchange between a mother and son. The young boy who could not have been much older than 4 years was bent over studying the toys intently. Already the boy had one in his hand when he reached out and grabbed another at which point mom intervened.

Mom:  Son, you only get to choose one toy.

The little guy stood up, looked at her, threw his hands up in an expression of utter confusion and disbelief and said,

Son:    Geeze mom, it’s just a dollar…

I fought hard to hold in my laughter and pretend as if I was not paying much attention. Mom looked around, a bit embarrassed, before gathering her son and getting him up to the register. I didn’t see whether or not she relented and allowed two toys or stuck to her guns and allowed only one.

While I use that very same line on myself time after time in the dollar store as an excuse to purchase more stuff than I need or know what to do with, money, its value and what it takes to earn it is something we have to begin teaching our children from the age that they begin understanding the concept of money even in the vaguest of ways.

Find ways to allow your children to earn money whether it be with daily chores or special odd jobs around the house and pay them accordingly. When you go out to stores and different places, make them spend their own money on things that they want. Soon they will begin to value money and start understanding and comparing their time and amount of work that they do to the prices of items available for purchase and you will be amazed as you watch them begin to understand the value of a dollar, hard work and how the two are closely related.

I can’t tell you the amount of joy I feel when I see the pride that my children have when they go to the store, pick out something that they want and pay for it with their own money. Ironically, I feel the same amount of joy when we go to the store and they pick up an item that they want, look at the price and put it back with the note, “It’s too expensive; I can’t afford it.” It lets me know that I am raising responsible children who will grow into adults with the tools to function financially.

Toshila Darjean

When we align, the stars will shine


Funny Things Kids Say #1

29 Aug


My kids are hilarious.  My two sons are eight and nine and I swear they are one great comedic team.  The night before the first day of school as I was helping them pick out clothes for their big day we had an exchange that went a little something like this:

My youngest son:      Mom, what time are you waking us up in the morning?

Me:                                  You need to set your alarm for 6 a.m.

My youngest son:      Mom, please don’t wake me up that early, I need my beauty sleep.

My oldest son (flatly): You’re going to look that way no matter what.

Ha! A little teasing between siblings is natural and while I do not allow any type of malicious put downs or disrespect between my children, on one hand, on the other hand, we have to teach our children how to laugh and the art of being able to take a joke.

A little joke never hurt anyone, teach your children to laugh, even if it’s at themselves from time to time.

Toshila Darjean