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Funny Things Kids Say #3: I can’t sleep alone.

4 Nov

Sleeping Baby

Not long ago my youngest son, who is eight years old, came into my bedroom just before his bedtime.

My son:                Mom, I want to sleep with you.

Me:                        Why can’t you sleep in your own bed?

My son:                I don’t like sleeping alone in the dark.

Me:                        You always sleep in there.

My son:                I know and that’s the problem, I have been sleeping in that room my whole life and I’m tired of it!

This was not the first time that my son has asked to sleep in my bed; as a matter of fact he comes into my room and tries to make a case for it about once every six weeks. My son is so adorable, I am almost tempted to allow him, but I resist because I know that it is in his best interest to sleep alone (actually, with his brother in bunk beds). Although there are circumstances when it is okay to allow your child to sleep with you) for nurturing purposes (when they are sick, when there is a particularly dreadful storm, etc.), for the most part, children should sleep in their own room because, not only does it build their independence and confidence, but over the years it helps them to develop a sense that they are safe in their home (there are no monsters under the bed and no werewolves in the closet, no matter what Wes Craven says).

Most of the time, a parent allowing their child to sleep with them, fills an insecurity in the parent more so than it speaks to the inability of the child. We want our children to remain babies forever, we want them to need us because it makes us feel good and we want to keep them close, but remember the job of a parent is prepare the child for a world and a life where you will not always be just a few inches away on the other pillow.

Sleep tight!

Toshila Darjean